In an era where environmental consciousness is crucial we are developing energy-saving building automation for People's Well-Being in a Sustainable Future.

Transforming the building sector toward carbon neutrality

Within the European Union, buildings account for 40% of our total energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the European Commission. Approximately 75% of the EU building stock is currently recognized as energy inefficient. Improving energy efficiency in buildings is essential in achieving the ambitious European goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. This highlights a substantial opportunity for the industry, and we consider it our responsibility to provide intelligent technology for the creation of zero-energy buildings - all while ensuring an uncompromised level of indoor comfort.

Supporting sustainable development of building automation

System integrators and operating technicians often require years of experience to navigate the complex world of systems, products, and integration processes. Our product strategy focuses on developing solutions and services that are easily adopted to various skill and expertise levels. We design our products to be user-friendly, ensuring they are easy to install, commission, and maintain. This approach allows us to accelerate faster towards our goal – minimizing energy usage in more buildings, taking faster steps to transform the building sector.

Strategic decentralization ensure reliable deliveries

We believe in the benefits of our regional locations and the resulting benefits to our partners and markets. Thanks to the decentralization of our development and production departments, we offer close cooperation with local teams on site. Localization also enables rapid product adaptations if, for instance, valuable components are missing. Simply put, our production offers more flexibility according to the requests of our local partners. This secures short delivery times, adherence to delivery dates, customized partial deliveries, and the associated planning security for our partners.

Committed Innovation for People's Well-Being in a Sustainable Future

In an era where environmental consciousness is crucial, our dedication to sustainability is fundamental to our mission. At the forefront of our journey is Lovisa Sjöqvist, the Executive Vice President of Sustainability and Strategy at Regin Group, who holds an important role in leading the group toward improving our strategies and actions on the way towards a sustainable future.

A brief summary of our sustainability strategy

We engineer smart and future-proof solutions, utilizing wireless technology, cloud solutions, and connected systems to minimize energy use in buildings. Our portfolio is not only easy to install, saving time and resources for our customers, but it also facilitates seamless adaptation to the evolving needs of buildings over time.

Our global sustainability strategy Customer Centricity & Collaboration

With a deep understanding of the European building automation industry, we actively engage in a collaborative relationship with our customers. This mutual exchange of insights allows us to provide tailored advice on optimizing the use of our systems, while our customers contribute valuable insights into their market needs. This customer-centric approach empowers us, working hand-in-hand with our customers, to take faster steps to streamline the building sector.

Our global sustainability strategy Minimized transportation

Our production is concentrated in Europe, close to our customers. This strategic decision allows us to significantly reduce the requirement for extensive transportation, effectively minimizing our carbon footprint. With local production, we can also offer increased product availability and delivery reliability, striving to be a trustworthy partner in meeting our customers’ needs.

Our global sustainability strategy Total control of the value chain

With local innovation centers and production sites, we are actively working to ensure that our product portfolio is crafted ethically, with a focus on people’s well-being. Our commitment extends to maintaining and continually improving control over every aspect of the value chain, ensuring alignment with our core values.