Committed Innovation for People's Well-Being in a Sustainable Future

In an era where environmental consciousness is crucial, our dedication to sustainability is fundamental to our mission. At the forefront of our journey is Lovisa Sjöqvist, the Executive Vice President of Sustainability and Strategy at Regin Group, who holds an important role in leading the group toward improving our strategies and actions on the way towards a sustainable future.

“Today, most of the EU’s building stock is acknowledged as energy inefficient. This highlights a substantial opportunity for the industry to embrace intelligent solutions, minimizing energy use in existing and new buildings. Our corporate ambition is to use innovation to accelerate sustainable transformation, equipping the industry with the tools needed to take new strides,” Lovisa initiates.

The single largest energy consumer

Buildings are a central part of our daily lives, with 90% of our time spent indoors, placing significant demands on maintaining a healthy indoor climate. Simultaneously, as indicated by the EU Commission, this has led to the built environment emerging as the single largest energy consumer in the EU and one of the largest carbon dioxide emitters.

“We believe that it is possible to reduce energy use while still prioritizing people's well-being. In our everyday environments, from residential areas to hospitals, schools, and workplaces, focusing on energy savings must go hand in hand with considerations of productivity, health, and overall comfort. Our solutions are designed to support our customers, ensuring that they don't have to make any compromises – achieving both energy efficiency and optimal conditions for individuals in their living and working spaces,” Lovisa Sjöqvist continues.

A sustainable path

The core values of the Regin Group lie in developing future-proof solutions with no best-before date. Our solutions are designed to be open and flexible, eliminating the need to replace the entire system when upgrading or integrating new functionalities. In this way, we take responsibility for providing our clients with a sustainable path to technological advancement.

“With open systems and a foundational infrastructure, we can collect and distribute structured data. This adaptability ensures that our solutions can easily embrace new innovative advances, whether they originate from within the group or from an industry partner. By fostering an environment where our technology readily integrates with emerging advancements, we empower our solutions to stay at the forefront of progress. This also allows us to quickly explore new ways to improve the property industry through effective collaboration,” Lovisa Sjöqvist explains.

Control of the entire value chain

The sustainability strategy for Regin Group extends beyond the energy efficiency our solutions help achieve in buildings. We are proud to develop and produce the majority of our product portfolio in our facilities in Sweden, Germany, and Italy. Besides reducing the need for long transportation, this also enables us to have control of the entire value chain.

“Our dedication to local production, close to our customers, eliminates unnecessary transportation and the reliance on global freight. At the same time, with total control of the value chain, we ensure accountability for the social impact of our products. This enables us to showcase a sustainable business model that goes beyond environmental considerations, ensuring our production is characterized by equity, diversity, and democracy - contributing to people’s well-being at every level,” concludes Lovisa.