Regin introduces new intuitive room concept with Regio RCX

Regin, part of Regin Group, builds on a strong tradition of providing comprehensive room solutions. With the introduction of the new Regio RCX room controllers, Regin is reaching an important milestone in the development of the product line.

The controllers blend seamlessly into the wall, offering a minimalist design. With built-in measuring sensors and a smart user interface, the controllers are easy to understand, even for infrequent users. The entire installation process, from commissioning to maintenance, is simplified with the Regin:GO app, requiring no programming knowledge.

“The project was initiated in response to the identified growing demand for flexible, user-friendly, and demand-controlled systems. We are very proud that with this release, we have developed a product that retains the core functionality of our Regin controllers, but with a refined user experience and added functionality. With this release, it will be possible to reach optimal comfort while minimizing energy consumption in buildings”, says Gunnar Åberg, Product Manager.

Learn more about Regio RCX on the Regin website!