Moving development and production closer to our customers

Today, we are witnessing a rising demand for development and production closer to our customers. It's a matter of taking control of the value chain while ensuring reliable delivery and quality at every step. Within Regin Group, at Regin, DEOS and Industrietechnik, we take great pride in meeting our customers' demands and expectations. Join us on a brief European tour and discover our innovation and production sites across Europe!

Visiting Industrietechnik

Let’s start by visiting Industrietechnik's production facilities in Northern Italy. Located in the Dolomites Alps, our HVAC Essentials production facilities represent a perfects and central location. Industrietechnik's experience in producing electromechanical HVAC products is a major strength, and the processes and workflows have been causally refined over the years.

A Leader in BACnet Engineering

Moving northwest, we find our innovative hub at Regin Group member DEOS in Rheine, just a few miles north of Dortmund. Here, we are truly in innovation land, with DEOS being one of the leaders in BACnet Engineering. DEOS delivers outstanding workflows for successful integrators in building automation every day. With state-of-the-art, open, and secure communication protocols, Deos develops smart programming tools, saving hours of engineering time for successful integrators across Europe.

Substantial Investments in R&D

Keeping our compass set to the north, we visit our two sites for innovation and production in Sweden. In the Swedish town of Lund, Regin is developing intelligent, easy-to-install, and user-friendly room solutions and controllers for intelligent automation. Meanwhile, in the town of Hultsfred, the products come to life at our dynamic production site. Regin is also making substantial R&D investments, focusing on creating the next generation of smart building automation solutions.

The Sustainable Buildings of the Future

Reflecting on the development and production strategies within the Regin Group, we can be assured of unwavering determination and dedication. Regin Group are committed to creating solutions close to the customers, securing the sustainable buildings of the future.